Why YOLO is Still Cool



A year or so ago, this “word” was repeated over and over again ad nauseum. If you’re like most people, that saying got very old, very fast.

But I think it is a fantastic word. “YOLO!” is an acronym for “You Only Live Once.” And it’s true. You don’t get any second chances. This is it.

So, let’s think of this in terms of an adventure story.

Let’s say that a publisher has decided to pay you for writing one book. It’s the only book you get. You get to write it however you want, but that’s all you get whether it’s good or bad.

You get to writing. Your book stars a hero who wants something. He is given a quest to get it. And then he just sits there. Occasionally he’ll complain to his buddies about how badly he wants this thing, but that the quest is too hard. Sometimes he just lies down in bed wishing for the thing he wants.

In the story, people come and go. Your hero gets rich your hero gets poor. Your hero stubs his toe. Your hero dies of a heart attack. That’s it. The end. No more.

I don’t think your book – your one and only chance of publishing – is very good.

So, why would you live your life like that? The truth is, you can write and read as many books as you want about heroes doing all sorts of things from fighting dragons to flying rocket ships.

But you only get one life. If you want to be the hero of your own story then you have to remember that this is your one and only chance. If something sounds exciting – go for it, even if it scares you.

Whenever a new situation pops up, or whenever you’re feeling down or whenever you’re bored, just ask yourself, “If someone were reading my life right now, would they keep reading or would they yawn and put the book down?”

Don’t wait until it’s too late to do all those things in your life that you always wanted to do. Don’t get discouraged when it gets hard. Life is hard. But a hero learns how to deal with the hard stuff. And the heroes I admire the most are the ones who laugh while they’re doing it.

So, please remember that this is your one and only life. Don’t spend it on the sofa. Don’t spend it doing push ups (unless you freaking love push ups).  Get out there and start doing what you love right now because you only live once.


Photo Source: YOLO! YOLO! YOLO! by Jim Leach


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