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Hey, you there. You, sitting on the sofa liking your friends’ photos of their recent trip to Europe. You there playing video games and wishing you could slay dragons. You there wanting to get healthy but dreading going out for a run. Are you bored to death, doing the same things over and over again, day after day? Do you long for some sort of adventure or thrill in your life? I bet you’ve already tried to get up and get moving, to make some sort of change for the better. But it’s so boring and it takes so long and other excuses.

I bet you’ve tried to start getting healthy. You’ve put some shoes on and went outside for a run. Maybe you did a few push ups. You ate beets and kale like all the magazines and websites told you to. And you were bored out of your mind. So you quit. And now you’re back to playing video games or browsing the internet or working way too hard. What if I told you that you didn’t have to do that anymore? What if I told you that you didn’t have to go out for a run, that you didn’t have to do a single jumping jack? What if I said that you can have a delicious, fulfilling meal and you could still be healthy and happy? That sounds freaking awesome, you say (I know because I can hear you.)

It sounds freaking awesome because it is freaking awesome. And it’s freaking true. I want to help you lead a healthy, happy and exciting life in an unconventional way. I want to help you figure out what it is you like to do, to find your passions and then help you go and do them right now. Like right this instant. I want you to learn how to take the first steps toward a fitter and more adventurous life.



This is where you reawaken the joys of childhood and learn to enjoy your life instead of letting it pass you by. There will be no more thinking that you don’t know how to get started or that you’re are not good enough. I won’t have it in my internet house. You will learn to incorporate play and contentment to your life and you will love it!

Everywhere you go, there’s all this advice on how to get fit. Running, lifting weights, doing burpees. Sure, that’s effective, but – BORING! That advice doesn’t help people who would rather do anything else than the same routine day after day. Many of these fitness sites and magazines focus on these repetitive routines and calorie restriction diets rather than doing things that make the reader happy. But being healthy and fit doesn’t mean hard work and tasteless food.

Don’t let boredom, fear, disabilities, or other obstacles stand in your way. If the thought of getting healthy seems like a chore for you, then forget what you read in magazines or what hear from your friends. I’m you’re only friend now. Traditional health and fitness advice doesn’t work for everyone. The goal here is to get up, get moving and to love what you are doing.




My Adventure Playground is for would-be adventurers, dreamers, parents, people with ADHD, people who are holding back through fear, and anyone else who just wants to have fun and enjoy life.Here, you will find tips and tricks, articles on how to get started, details of my own personal experiences, results of new experiments and more on everything from fitness to diet to adventure. If this sounds like something you want to join in, then I would love to have you on board.

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Photo sources: Welcome by Alborzshawn, Dinosaur Adventure by Dave Catchpole, Enjoy moment by Prachanart Viriyaraks




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  1. Mark Website

    All the best with your adventure Devyn. My work as a professional training consultant reflects a lot of the tenets you speak of in your blog – fun, play, social interaction, adventure and learning. For tons of group activities, albeit structured, drop in on playmeo.com … and I love your name, my son is named Devon 🙂


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