The Most Dangerous Game: Hunt Your Fellow Man for Fitness

clear lake 52

Okay, so I’m not suggesting that you actually hunt and kill another human being for sport. Or for any reason. However, some of the most fun games out there are the ones where you match wits against your fellow man.

Sometimes, just a plain workout is dull. Sometimes, you’re not in the mood to play sports or run around with your kids. But it is always, always fun to play games that match physical and mental prowess with an opponent.

Here are a few examples of some games you can play:

1. Laser Tag – Laser Tag is one of my favorite games. It’s inside (which for me in Texas is great during the summer).  It’s dark which brings out the inner child giddiness from when I was younger. It’s tactical and it’s just plain fun. Laser Tag is one of the reasons I started this blog. When I went out and played laser tag with some friends of mine, I played for over two hours and it felt like I barely got started. I was bruised and sore the next day which meant I had a full workout and didn’t even realize it. The downside to laser tag is that you have to have a facility available where you are and sometimes (unless you find a groupon) it can get expensive. But if you are able to play, I recommend doing it, because there’s no greater fun to be had.

2. Paintball – Paintball is a load of fun. It’s outside in the woods so there is a lot of opportunity for tactical play while getting fresh air and sun. The stakes seem higher in paintball than in laser tag. That might be because getting hit with those paint pellets can hurt. But don’t let that scare you away. Adrenaline is pumping so hard as you play, you barely notice. Again, there are disadvantages such as finding a facility and cost. You also might need a team assembled already depending on the rules where you are. But if you can, definitely find the time to play.

3. LARPing – Not just for nerds. Okay, definitely for nerds, but so what? You’d be a fit nerd who has loads of fun. LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. Think of Dungeons and Dragons but playing while beating people up with swords and battle axes. If you ever played RPG video games and thought “man, I wish this was real” then LARPing is for you. LARPing usually doesn’t cost much money to play, though equipment can get expensive depending on the rules of the LARPing groups near you. I find is a good place to find LARP groups, but if you can’t find any near you, you can always start your own.

4. Zombie Tag – One of my favorite twists on a classic game. Zombie tag requires one person to be the zombie. Each person the zombie catches is infected and has to try and catch another infected person. You keep going until there is one person left standing. This is better if you play it somewhere where there are a lot of obstacles, such as an urban setting or in the woods. Best part about this game is that it’s absolutely free and you can play it just about anywhere. All you need are some willing participants. Key word is “willing.”

5. Water balloon/water gun fight – Go to a park and try to stay dry. Give some balloons to some kids if you friends are lame and don’t want to come. Dodge, dive, hide throw, just stay dry and try not to throw one in a kids face. Their parents don’t like that.  Or you can also try a water gun fight which is similar to paintball except that it doesn’t hurt and it usually costs a lot less money. These games are perfect for hot summer days and the costs are pretty low.

6. The Most Dangerous Game – If you’ve read this story by Richard Connell, then you probably know where this is going. This game only requires two people. Go find somewhere such as the woods or an urban setting where there are plenty of places to hide. Find a water gun or make it a tag game, but basically one person is the hunter and the other is the hunted. Set a time limit and see who comes out on top.

paintball splatter

All of these games are so much fun, you won’t even realize that you’re getting a good workout in the process. You’d be surprised at how many people would love to join you in these games, so get out there and ask your friends to play these games. Start a meetup group where you play these types of games or maybe for your next birthday, host a party at the park with some of these games.

I guarantee great fun is to be had if you give these games a go. Human vs human is always fun, as long as you’re not hunting them for real. Now go out there and have some fun.


Do you know any more of these types of games? Please share any suggestions in the comments below.


Photo sources: Clear Lake 52 by bhollar, Paintball Splatter by Paul Gallo



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