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If you could do anything you wanted to do right now, what would it be?

Would you climb a mountain? Would you go deep sea diving off the coast of Malaysia? Would you take a good long nap? Maybe you’d like to go clothes shopping or drive a really expensive car really fast.

Whatever your answer might be, if you’re true to yourself, the answer will be whatever makes you happy. And what makes you happy is the first step into getting healthy and fit.  How, you ask?

By learning to incorporate play into your life. By learning how to cast away the traditional concepts of what it is to get healthy – dieting and exercise. By learning that what you need is to go on an adventure.

My name is Devyn, and I’ll be your adventure guide. I want to help you ditch the idea that you have to do something a certain way to reach your goals. I want to help you change the way you see health and fitness and to help you see the joy in life.

So how do you get started?

First, check out what we’re all about here at My Adventure Playground.

Next, check out how to find out your play personality and what kinds of things you might be interested in doing and how to get started.

Whatever it is that you want to do, I want you to start doing it. I want you to be happy and look life in the face and say “Hey, life, I’m in charge now.” Do it. I’ll wait.

I’m here to help with whatever it is you might need to deal with. If you need anything it all, don’t hesitate to look me up on email, facebook or twitter.

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