Parkour is for Everyone

Parkour Sunset

Parkour is for Everyone

When I was first introduced to Parkour, it was on an online youtube video. What I saw was young men, probably in their late teens or early 20s doing awesome flips off some very high buildings. It never even occurred to me that I could be a part of the parkour scene.

Fast forward a few years and I was sitting at the computer thinking about how I needed to exercise but not actually wanting to do it. The Walking Dead played on the TV in the background and I thought about how I would definitely be one of the first people turned into a zombie if this ever happened in real life. Like the huge nerd that I am, I googled “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.” There, I found an article on exactly that from Nerd Fitness. The article details how you can get fit enough to possibly survive if Zombies took over.

I thought about how much fun exercise would be if I could pretend I was chased by zombies. I guess it appealed to the child in me.

The article mentioned parkour as a good way to learn how to get away from a bad situation fast. It sounded like fun and something I would like to do, but I still didn’t think as a 29 year old overweight mother, I could get into parkour.

Sometime later, I saw a video by Felicia Day that featured her doing parkour basics. She pretty much made a fool out of herself (in the totally adorable way only she can do) but she looked like she was having so much fun. I began to ask around in fitness communities what they thought of someone with my demographics trying out parkour. The response I got was 100% positive. No one could give me a reason why I shouldn’t do it.

I thought about waiting until I was less overweight before starting but impatience and curiosity got the better of me. I found some local classes online and nervously attended my first class. I was shocked by how welcoming and accepting everyone was. Better yet, I saw that there were all kinds of people there. Tall, short, thin, large, young, old, woman, man. Everyone made me feel very comfortable.

They started me off slowly and worked with my abilities. By the end of the class, I was climbing upside down on a pole like a sloth! Before I knew it, an hour and a half passed and the class was over. I couldn’t wait to come home and tell everyone I knew about what fun I had. The next day, I felt very sore. I had worked out and didn’t even notice. I was too busy having fun.

I’ve learned a lot since I started my parkour classes. Not only did I get stronger and faster, but I learned that workouts don’t have to be a chore.

I chose parkour as a way to have fun and get fit, but maybe for you, it could be surfing or soccer or hopscotch. It doesn’t matter.

The point is, don’t wait until you think you’re ready to start these things. Sure, you might struggle at first when you’re a beginner, but that’s half the fun. There are still a ton of things I can’t do in parkour, but I can do more than when I first began. Had I waited to take those classes, I may have quit my workout routine and I wouldn’t be here to talk about it today.

No matter where you’re at, find something you love and begin now. Right now.

What have you always been curious about but were too afraid to try?


Photo Source: Parkour Sunset by Tyson Cecka


8 Responses to “Parkour is for Everyone”

  1. Rory Website

    So true! After years of watching ninja warrior and numerous parkour videos, I decided to try it. My experience was very similar to yours. Being a 35 yr old with a long grey bard did feel weird when all my training partners are 15-20yrs my junior, but they were so welcoming. These kids and I are still training, over a year later, and we egg each other on to greater heights(and drops).

    It doesn’t matter how old or young, anyone can do it! Keep going Devyn!

  2. Devyn Website

    Exactly! I think more older people would do parkour if they realized that they could. It’s not a closed group. I’m so glad your experiences were similar! It’s great fun, isn’t it?

  3. Ike Website

    Great article, Devyn. I think a lot of people are terrified and apprehensive about trying out Parkour so it’s good to hear that it can be welcoming to beginners!

    • Devyn Website

      Often, they’re apprehensive about trying out many new things. There are a lot of things I would love to do, but for years I never even tried because I thought I wasn’t good enough. Parkour is just an example of one of these.

  4. Ryan Website

    For me, it’s dancing. It’s something that ties into martial arts wonderfully, but being up in front of people gets into my head a little bit.

    That’s just me, though.

    • Devyn Website

      Dancing is fantastic and it helps with so many other things. A lot of people are nervous about dancing because they thing they need a certain skill set or need to look a certain way, but there’s no reason not to start dancing. Dancing can be as simple as turning up your favorite song and going crazy in the living room.

  5. Nyamka Website

    Last month I signed up for dance classes for the next month and I have been going every week. The dance style is Le Bop, a modern jive, a dance style I have never done before so it’s very new and exciting. Dancing really brings out the child in me, I just love being twirled!

    • Devyn Website

      I haven’t heard of some of those dance styles. The new and exciting things are always the best. I bet it doesn’t even feel like exercise. Good luck with the dance classes! Keep me updated.


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