How to Start an Adventure and Become the Hero of Your Story

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Whether you’ve decided to go rock climbing in every continent or you’re trying to lose weight, you are taking your first steps in a journey. Everything you do from this point on will write your story. And wouldn’t you want that story to be an adventure story?

When I was a kid, I loved reading adventure books. My favorites were the popular fantasy Dragonlance series. As a child, I would vicariously live through the Companions as they fought dragons, climbed mountains and challenged gods. And each character learned so much along the way.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my love for adventurous stories.  There are tons of books, movies and video games based on going on adventures.

Why do they capture our hearts so easily? Why do so many people spend hours pouring over epic tales of risk, excitement and bravery?

I think it’s because we wish that we could live a life like the heroes in our stories. We wish that we can go on these adventures and learn something and leave this world knowing that we did something great.

But we can do that anyway. Adventure is what you make of it. If you see a goal as an adventure waiting to be adventured, then you can be the hero in your own story.

I learned a few things over years and years of consuming adventurous stories. There is a lot in common throughout many of these different adventure tales, so I thought I would share how the heroes in these stories start on their adventures and how you can do the same in your own life.

we live in a wonderland

How to Start Your Adventure

1. Start With a Quest

Every adventure story starts with a quest. In The Lord of the Rings, Frodo’s main quest is to destroy the Ring. In The Odyssey, Odysseus has to get his men home to Ithaca. In Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi have to rid the land of Koopa’s evil and save the princess.  Before anyone can begin their adventure, they have to have a reason to adventure – a goal. The same goes for you. It’s important that you have a goal and you remember goal until you reach it. In an adventure, every hero goes through hell and back to reach their goal and they never give up. Make sure your goal is something you’re willing to fight for, because you’re definitely going to be fighting a lot.

2. Pack Provisions

Although there are a few adventures that are kind of thrust upon the hero without any warning, most adventurers have time to prepare for their journey. They often pack equipment they might need, food that will keep and some money just in case. The same goes for you on your journey. If you’re trying to lose weight, you will probably need to stock up on healthy food. If you’re trying to get stronger, you might want to invest in some weights. Look at your goal and see what kind of provisions you might need for your journey along the way. They don’t always have to be things you buy. You could stock up on knowledge that you might need to get you through to your goal. Whatever it might be, make sure you have your provisions packed and ready to go, that way you won’t be caught in a tight spot without it. But remember to only pack what you need. Packing too much will weigh you down and you won’t get very far.

3. Get a Guide

Usually adventures involve going some place new, somewhere the hero has never been before. Many times, a guide  or a companion or a body guard is required for the journey. Although most adventures are personal journeys, most heroes don’t go it alone. Neither should you. You can get support from other people in a lot of different ways. You can hire a coach or a personal trainer. They’re expensive but they’re often worth it. You can find a mentor who has been through something similar and who can help you along the way. You can find a support group either online or in person. You can find a friend or a family member to talk to. Just don’t do it alone. One of the biggest lessons in most adventure stories is that true friends make anything possible.

4. Have a Map

It’s pretty difficult to complete a quest without knowing how to get there. Pretty much every hero needs a map. Without it, they’d get lost and though that might be fun, it often doesn’t get you to your goal. A map doesn’t have to be a literal map – although if your adventure involves something like hiking, you might need one. Your map can be a plan or an outline on how you’re going to get to your goal. You don’t have to stick to it completely, and like a map – at least an adventurers map – it can be changed. Sometimes you find your path blocked or a road has changed, but that’s okay. As long as you have a general idea of where you’re going, you won’t stray too far.

summer in high country

If you completed all of the above, you should be ready to start your adventure. Next post, I’ll tell you what you might need while you’re on your adventure and how to enjoy your journey. But for now, find out what your quest is and get started now. Today. This adventure isn’t going to start itself.

Do you have any adventures you’d like to begin? Share in the comments below.


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Photo Sources: Temple of Doom by Craig Conley, “We live in a wonderful world…” by Kate Ter Haar, Summer in High Country by Zach Dischner


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