A Simplified Way to Eat Healthier

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Eating Better

Your diet is the foundation on which you build your life. If your foundation is cracked or misshapen, the life you build for yourself will reflect that. The food you eat can affect not only your weight, but your mood and your overall health. Eating healthier food can assist you in whatever adventure you decide to go on. But it can be hard to eat healthy and still enjoy your food. But My Adventure Playground is all about having fun, even while being healthy here is a simple plan to help you eat better.

  1. Take a piece of paper – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be a napkin. Even a dirty one if you like. Just make sure there’s enough room to make a list. You can do this on your computer too if you’re a computer type person.
  2. Divide the paper into 3 sections a) food that is healthy b) food that is not healthy c) food that you’re not sure about.
  3. Write down as many foods that you can think of that you absolutely love. Donuts, spaghetti, octopus, the still beating heart of a komodo dragon – whatever it is, just write it down. Put each food that you write down into one of the above categories.
  4. Put that list somewhere where you’ll look at it often. On the fridge, in a desk drawer, next to where you make plans. Just make sure that when you make your grocery list, you have it ready.
  5. Buy and eat from the healthy list as often as you can. if you look forward to your next meal, you’re more likely to stick to it.
  6. Limit the foods you’re not sure about – either do research to find out if they’re healthy or not, experiment on them yourself, or limit your exposure to them. To experiment, make sure you eliminate the food for 15-30 days and then reintroduce the food back into your system to see if any changes occur. If changes for the better occur while you’re not eating, it’s not a healthy food.
  7. Stop eating the unhealthy foods – who has time for the unhealthy foods? If you’re filling yourself up on the stuff from the first category, then why do you need this category? You still love the foods – it’s not as simple as that, I know, but you start with smaller changes. Start with eating as often as you can from the healthy menu. Once you’re in the habit of that, you can work on tweaking it. Try not to have these foods in your house if you can. Once you get used to not eating them, it’ll be easier to avoid them. If you must, you can enjoy these occasionally, but don’t use this attitude to rationalize eating them when you really shouldn’t.

I like to take something I really love, but might not be super healthy, and make it into an experience. I love chocolate. Absolutely adore it. I would marry it if it was legal. And not totally weird.

My favorite chocolate is Lindt dark chocolate truffles. I allow myself to have 2 of them per day (less than one serving). I have one truffle after lunch and one after dinner. And I make a huge deal out of it. It’s the best part of the day! I make myself a cup of tea and I sit in my favorite chair. I don’t watch TV, I close my computer, I put my phone down and I sit and slowly eat this small piece of chocolate.  This ritual with this tiny amount of chocolate is more satisfying than eating an entire bag of them in front of the TV. I allow myself this happiness and I make it even more happy by being mindful and actually enoying my food. And it keeps me away from the other junk food that might not be nearly as tasty.

Making healthier versions…can be fun for those who like to experiment. Make a menu or take it day by day. whatever works for you. I like to make a menu because I like having it organized, but to each his own.

If you have the list of foods you love in front of you, it makes it easier to make a menu and do a grocery shopping trip that will leave you with healthy foods that you look forward to eating.



Keep in mind that unless you expand your horizons, nothing is ever going to change. If you don’t try new foods and keep trying them, you’re not going to change much. There are foods I used to hate with a passion that I now love. Keep experimenting, keep trying new things and you might just find yourself enjoying a healthy diet.

But remember, don’t obsess. Eating should be a fun and wonderful experience, not something that casts a shadow over you. Lighten up and take it bite by bite.

What are some of your favorite foods or meals? What changes have you made in your diet. Share your experiences in the comments below.


Photo Source: Alpha’s Just Fine Burger by Alpha, Food by Nick Nguyen


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