Why YOLO is Still Cool

Aug 14th, 2014


YOLO! A year or so ago, this “word” was repeated over and over again ad nauseum. If you’re like most people, that saying got very old, very fast. But I think it is a fantastic word. “YOLO!” is an acronym for “You Only Live Once.” And it’s true. You don’t get any second chances. This […]

You Should Stop Shoulding

Aug 07th, 2014


“10 Reasons You Should Eat Chia Seeds” “8 Beauty Habits You Should Do Every Morning” “Why You Should Eat More Dairy” “7 Exercises You Should Be Doing” The internet is full of advice about anything you can think of. From dieting and fitness tips to beauty tips to parenting tips…the list goes on and on. […]

A Simplified Way to Eat Healthier

Jul 22nd, 2014


Eating Better Your diet is the foundation on which you build your life. If your foundation is cracked or misshapen, the life you build for yourself will reflect that. The food you eat can affect not only your weight, but your mood and your overall health. Eating healthier food can assist you in whatever adventure […]

Your Limits Are Not Really Limits – UMove PKGen Summer 2014 Parkour Workshop Recap

Jul 03rd, 2014


  Last Sunday, visitors to Houston’s theater district downtown witnessed about 30 people climbing walls, jumping rails and walking across high ledges. Many of the curious visitors found out that they were watching an eight hour parkour workshop courtesy of Houston’s own Urban Movement and the UK’s Parkour Generations. I received an invitation to the […]